zaterdag 17 december 2011

De winnaar ... The winner......

Dat zijn de lootjes van alle deelnemers van de give away die georganiseerd werd door Quilting Galery
Het zijn er 76, en de winnaar is........................................
Ik wil iedereen bedanken die meegedaan hebben.

These are the lots of everyone who participated in the give away from Quiltling galery.
The winner is Angela Moore I want tho thank everyone who visit my blog.

8 opmerkingen:

Annelies zei

Congratulations Angela !

Yvonne zei


Marianne zei

Jammer dat ik niet de winnaar ben! Maar Angela van harte gefeliciteerd.

Peach Rainbow zei

Congrats Angela!

Marie-José H zei

Wat ben jij toch actief Tiny. Ook nog een give away verzorgen. Bewonderenswaardig hoor.

Tilly zei


Angela Moore zei

Thank you very much. I really am happy to have won your giveaway and surprized. Happy holidays to all.

Angela Moore zei

Oh Oh Tiny I recieved my blog hop gift from you yesterday. Thank you so much for the book. I truly will enjoy it and put the techniques to work. And the fabric is so beautiful. I am so proud to recieve a package from the Netherlands. Maybe one day we will get to meet face to face. Lovely message, postcards, and picture. Would like to keep in tocuh would you send your addy to me at The best New Year to you and family.